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Posted by mudac on May 9, 2008

It seems like everywhere I go these days I am hearing about politics. You listen to them go on for about 15 minutes telling you why they like “so and so” when you finally decide to stop them and tell them that the candidate they are talking about was out of the race 3 months ago. I don’t know about you, but that is embarassing. These must be the smart ones that go out and vote for Obama. Now I know most of you guys either really like the guy or absolutely cannot stand the guy, so I will be as clear as possible– it isn’t that I don’t like the guy, he seems soviet and naive though. I rather have McCain who can at least manage foreign affairs than Obama who can “hold a meeting”. Another thing I really don’t like about Obama is his supporters, they are the biggest jerks on planet Earth. They threaten Clinton supporters, call them racist, and disrupt polling boothes.

I heard today in an article I was reading that a bunch of State Representatives

supporting Hillary had written a letter to other Automaticdelegates telling them why Hillary

should be the nominee. I love Hillary Clinton, but I just don’t see anything that the people can

do to stop Obama. Only Obama can hurt himself, and that is the self destruction he will

encounter when Larry Sinclair and Donald Young have more information out about them. Superdelegates

are moving too quickly over to Obama’s side, yet it is clear that he is the weaker candidate and a flawed one

at that. Hell, I could run a successful campaign if I was kicking in as much cash as him. People are

drones, and you will learn that in the general when every Clinton supporter goes to McCain because

Obama is too liberal.


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