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Obama’s Meeting On Communist Ties

Posted by mudac on May 24, 2008

Just days ago, May 22nd of 2008, there was a meeting held in Washington D.C. This meeting was designed as a measure of security in order to clearly identify Obama, whether he is a communist or not. The meeting layed out some striking evidence and it is beginning to become more and more clear that the guy is a communist. It makes more sense now then ever, especially after we heard Rev. Wright 1 month ago talk about Aids and the US.

*Great, Great reads. If your a non believer, you will become one*


One Response to “Obama’s Meeting On Communist Ties”

  1. preservetherepublic said

    This is very interesting. You are the first blog that I added to my blog roll. When you say something like “Obama is a Communist” people look at you like you are crazy. The sad thing is, it is true. This guy is going to bring about change all right, just like Fidel Castro brought change to Cuba. Put capitalism on the endangered species list.

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