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An Uneasy Ending

Posted by mudac on May 28, 2008

The primary season is finally winding down. It was over 5 months ago that the primary season began and our candidates took on the long haul that was presented before them. The primary season was filled with excitement and disappointment. With the last primaries less than a week away, next Tuesday, we can expect the candidates to be right on top of everything, I mean it is a last impression right? Well, to this point it isn’t the case. Every candidate is slipping up and it is clear they are running on fumes.


Over the weekend we all got to hear a minor comment by HRC blown completely out of proportion. This comment was said to be a quick news cast that would be old news the next day. I found it unbelievable when I woke up the next day and heard people still talking about it. What was even more surprising is that they just kept talking about it, in fact they are still talking about it to this minute. Even with an apology no one is letting go. I understood what she meant when she said it, and I could understand how it may have been misrepresented. The fact of the matter is though, that the media knew what she meant and even with an apology that wasn’t needed she still is getting hammered. Hillary was simply saying that in the case something happens to Obama (not necessarily an assassination even) that we would still have a primed candidate running.


Obama also had his own little moment this weekend while addressing a crowd of people. Obama was speaking out about the heroism of his uncle in world war II and the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp. There was a couple things wrong with his tale, Obama’s mother was an only child and Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet Army. Now, I can understand mistaking a town or region for another– but flat out lying about your past to a group of people is wrong. Obama may have been referring to his great uncle, which is fine. My main problem with this all is that the media completely swept this under the rug and just said “nope, we ain’t gonna deal with that one”. Hillary got hammered over something small, and factual. Obama gets by with a lie.


The mainstream media is too biased in the way of Obama. The Clinton’s were hammering the media for their bias to Obama, and the media came back out and grilled the Clinton’s for whining.


The end of the primary season may be closing, but the candidates definitely aren’t well oiled. Every engine eventually has to be rebuilt, just like a battery has to be recharged. The candidates are out of gas and the finish line is just around the corner. If this ending isn’t exciting, just wait till the convention.




One Response to “An Uneasy Ending”

  1. mudac said

    Enjoyed writing this one… although it would have been better if I saved it for tomorrow. Enjoy all.

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