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Advertising For and On Your Blog

Posted by mudac on May 30, 2008

The options that are open to the new blogger are endless. If you are looking to advertise your blog I would suggest beginning and looking no further than Google AdWords. It is the most effective advertising on the market and is probably the cheapest. Other services will charge you more for less exposure. You aren’t actually getting less exposure with other services, but less exposure to the targeted audience of your website.

With advertising on your blog there is a bit more of an open range. A lot of people recommend you use multiple services such as Adsense and Adbrite. This will mix the ads up and will likely result in more clicks. Just remember that Adbrite pays out less, so it is probably better to use Adsense first, and then Adbrite. Another type of advertising on the rise is the YPN(Yahoo Publishers Network). Yahoo Publishers Network has been deemed the highest paying company to advertise for. It pays the most, but doesn’t serve out completely relative ads. Generally speaking it is best to go with Adsense because you are getting a decent payout and relative ads.

Advertising also has a strategy to it. It is important to put your ads in spots where people will see them. You should also remember when placing ads to use appropriate colors. If you do a quick Google search you can determine what the best colors are for click rate. You should also note that if you place too many ads people may be reluctant to click because they think you are trying to force them to.

Advertising is hard to do effectively and it could take months before you can properly do it. Many people will never figure it out and some can immediately. Just remember that the easiest way to get clicks is to get people and the easiest way to get people is to have good content.

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One Response to “Advertising For and On Your Blog”

  1. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

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