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Choosing Your Article Type

Posted by mudac on May 30, 2008

There is many different factors in writing an article. What many people do not know though is that there is different types of articles, and the type of article can be the difference in getting published or losing your job.

Things to consider when writing the article:

1)Who am I writing this for?
2)Does the article type fit the theme of my site/blog?
3)Will people want to read it?

I will briefly go over the things to consider.


Who am I writing this for? In article writing, you are never writing for yourself. You may be selling your article or you may be writing it for your friends, but you will never write the article just for you to read it. So when choosing your article type, think about whether it will appeal to your audience. You don’t want a sarcastic piece published on an informative blog, it just wouldn’t make sense.


Does the article type fit the theme of my site/blog? When dealing with blogs, there is often a basic theme. If you blog about cancer, just an example, do you expect that people will take it lightly when you write an article about your daily life and your girlfriend problems—i would not think so.


Will people want to read it? I am not trying to insult anyone, but blogging about your daily life on a blog designed to inform people about cancer will not go over well. People who go to informative sites will usually avoid opinion or “as told to” articles.

There is 5 basic types of articles that you can choose from. These are the most popular types, there is more out there if you choose to look.

-Instead of boring you with old rehashed stuff, I will give you the link to these 5 article types.

The How To Article Type
The Inspirational Article Type
The Round Up Article Type
The List Article Type
The As Told To Article Type

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