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Help Keep The Environment Safe

Posted by mudac on May 30, 2008

One of the main causes of pollution is the different gases produced by vehicles known as carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is the fumes burned off from gasoline, and our vehicles produce this at an alarming rate. If we used solar power to power our vehicles we would not only be more self-reliant, we would help our environment keep clean.

Whenever you switch a light on in your house you are using electricity. Electricity is produced in large power plants that burn off coal. When burning coal, carbon dioxide gets into the air, and then these power plants release this carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. Coal and electric plants can be deadly to all forms of life. Burning coal is the leading cause for things like acid rain, smog, air toxins, and global warming. If we could get these companies to switch to solar power and wind mills, all forms of life—including mother Earth– would all be better off.

The Earths atmosphere is being damaged and we can blame it on these companies, but the real problem is the government. If the government would put restrictions on these coal burning companies and car producing companies we wouldn’t be talking about this right now. All the government has to do is put in a law, with no earmarks, that would tell these companies that they will either switch to alternative energy or be shut down at a certain date.

In order to keep the environment safe we must not only put restrictions on companies, but also put restrictions on ourselves. Which can be anything from not chopping down trees to putting down your aerosol can. So go outside and plant a tree or gather the community to clean up your town. There is many things you can do to help not only your community, but the entire world. Every little bit counts.

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