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Marketing For The Beginning Webmaster

Posted by mudac on May 30, 2008

Being a webmaster can be frustrating at times, even angering. This frustration can be created from a lack of visitors or an ineffective ad campaign, but normally it all comes back to marketing. There is a lot of different ways to advertise your website.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is one of the most effective forms of advetising. If 10 people like your website and each of them tell 10 of their friends then you have just told 100 people about your website. See how quickly this can grow, and that is just assuming those 100 don’t tell their friends. There is several ways to virally market your website. The most common is through email. This “email manipulation” is commonly done through a weekly newsletter. You offer the people on your newsletter a service for free and if they like it—likely they will tell their friends. Another way to virally market would be with business cards. If you order a large amount of business cards and place them around town, it is likely that the people who see them will tell their friends about it. Whenever you tell your friend “I need a lamp” normally they will begin telling you where you can get one. If they have seen your business cards and your selling lamps likely they will refer you.

Google Adwords

Another great way to advertise your website would be to advertise with Google Adwords. Adwords is a cheap service that will place your ads on relevant websites giving you maximum exposure. I recommend that if your site is new that your use a minimum cost per click (minimum is .01 cents , but when I say minimum I mean .05 cents) because it is likely that people will not stay too awfully long due to the limited content.


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