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Other Backlink Building Methods

Posted by mudac on May 30, 2008

A great way to boost your search engine rankings is through building backlinks. There is many ways to build these backlinks. I do not, however, condone all of the listed examples because I hate spam as much as the next guy.

Link Exchange

Link exchange is the process of adding a link to someone else’s website in exchange for them to add a link on their website to yours. When you first start up a website it will be hard to build backlinks. It will be even harder though, to link exchange effectively. It will be hard, because it is nearly impossible to find someone who will want your link. Why want your link if it won’t help them right? Well, it can be said that once you get a page rank it becomes easier to link exchange.

Link Purchase

A link purchase is paying someone else to put your link on their website. If done in mass this can get you banned from Google and search engines alike. This is a very effective form of building backlinks. It does cost a pretty decent sized chunk of change to do though and purchasing one link will not help.

DoFollow Forum Posting

A great way to build backlinks is to post on forums (that you have been on) and posting about your website. If these forums are dofollow—it will get you a backlink and some exposure. This also works when putting a link to your website in your signature and posting a lot.

DoFollow Blogs

Another great way to build backlinks is to post on blogs (that you have been on or no*at your own risk*) that have do not have the nofollow attribute. Tell them about your website, and only post when it is relevant. For example, if Bob post on a political event and I have a relative post on my blog—I can post on his blog telling them that I liked their post and that I have a similar one on my blog.


A recently found exploit on the INTERNET is in a Cbox. “Cbox” is a chat box that people can put on their blogs, forums, or website that allows for people to comment and communicate. These are easy to manipulate as they have no nofollow tag and they don’t allow for moderation. So you can easily go in and post your website address and get a free backlink. I will not post how to find websites with a Cbox– this is far too blackhat for me.


3 Responses to “Other Backlink Building Methods”

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