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Starting Your First WordPress Blog

Posted by mudac on May 30, 2008

Blogging has become one of the worlds biggest forms of communication over the past few years. Starting a WordPress blog will not be easy and it will take time to build up. If you are persistent and have good content, you will eventually become a success.

A good place to begin with is to decide how you will have your blog hosted. You can buy a domain name and host your wordpress blog there, or you can host your blog right off the WordPress website. In the event that you host your blog off WordPress you will get an extension to your domain name and it will look like this

After you have decided how you plan to host your blog you can begin the design process. Like all other things, you have decisions you can make. You can use a design that has already been pre-made or you can make your own design by editing the CSS. The advantage to a custom design is that your site will look original and have its own bit of flavor. Using the pre-made one is good for people who know little scripting and would just like to express their feelings.

If you have finished deciding upon your layout you can begin the content process. There is many different types of blogs you can do. There is informative, how to, personal, and news—just to give you a few.

Informative: Gives the reader information on a certain subject.

How To: Gives a lesson on how to do something.

Personal: The blogger gives a recount of his/her daily activities or talks about their daily life

News: The blogger talks about the daily news, or produces articles news related.

Once you are done finishing up with selecting the type of content you will produce—you must begin the process of determining how you plan to produce this content. Once again, like always, you have options. You can write for yourself, you can hire someone to write for you, or you can purchase pre-made articles. All of the options have their advantages and disadvantages. Just to list a few.

Writing For Yourself:

There is many advantages to writing for yourself. You are self-reliant, so you only have yourself to blame if you are late on producing the article. The disadvantage is that you may or may not be a very good writer or fluent in your language of choice for that matter.

Hiring Someone To Write For You:

Most of the people you hire to write for you will be fluent in the language you choose and will be able to produce professional material. This will appeal to your readers and the search engines. The disadvantage is that the person who has written the article may be late on delivery.

Purchase Pre-Made Articles:

Pre-made articles are one of the few sure-fire things in writing. Most of these articles have been well written and checked over many times to ensure quality. There isn’t any waiting time, and hoping that your writer pulls through with these.

Once you have finished finding your content you can begin the process of posting. Posting on a daily basis is very important. The posting often can help your search rankings and your visibility. One of the key things as a web-master will be making sure your website is seen by all of the search engines and is indexed well.

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