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Using Social Bookmarks To Get More Traffic

Posted by mudac on May 30, 2008

When I had first began blogging I believed that it was useless to submit to social bookmarks. They looked too “amateur” for me. I enjoyed writing and why disgrace myself with the embarrassment of bookmarking myself. Boy was I wrong though—it turns out.

Social bookmarks are the best way for a new blogger to be recognized. Essentially, if you use the right bookmarks, you get a free backlink and a couple of relative hits. The reason I say relative; let’s face it– anyone can view a blog. The point to these few hits that you receive is to spread the word. You want people viewing your blog so that you can get exposure.

Choosing Your Bookmarks:

The best bookmarks to use as a beginner are the ones that do not use the “nofollow” attribute. The Nofollow attribute is an HTML tag that tells search engines not to follow a link. The purpose for this tag is to limit spam, because people would spam websites like Digg in order to get better search rankings. There is many different websites that do not use the nofollow attribute. These are important because many of the search engines now consider backlinks in their algorithms. Building backlinks is absolutely essential for a website to survive. A website that does not have the nofollow attribute is called a “dofollow”.

Dofollow bookmarks:

-Yahoo MyWeb 2.0
-Technorati Faves

There is several ways to submit to these many different bookmarks. There is entire programs dedicated to posting your stories with a single click of the button. There is also websites that run the bookmarks all in one place like I have always done mine manually, mainly because it allows me to remember where I have posted the story so I can check back later.

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3 Responses to “Using Social Bookmarks To Get More Traffic”

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