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Writing Articles People Will Read For Ages

Posted by mudac on May 30, 2008

The art of article writing is a very tedious thing, one spelling error can cost you a sell and one missed punctuation mark can lose you an employer. There has been a growing need for article writers as the internet has grown larger over the past several years.

One of the goals as a writer is to reach out to the people reading. There is many different ways to do this. You could write an informative piece that could be useful to readers years down the line. Most readers will read a could work twice, why would they do this you say? They will because the information is good and they would like to remember it. So whenever I sit down to write an article, for what has now almost became a business, I like to think about what I could write that would make people return years from now.

One of the first things to do, even before you begin writing, is to sit down, grab a pen, grab some paper, and write down a bit of a rough draft. Figure out what you plan to call the article and give it a brief description.

After completing the first step you can begin your research. No one likes to read a cleverly written article that has no real facts built around it. Do your research, learn some stuff about the topic, and write down the interesting facts.

You can then begin your rough draft. This is the easiest part of the whole project, oddly enough, what you first need to decide is—where you plan to write this, I use my computer (you can use a notepad though). After figuring out where you intend to write this article you may begin writing. When writing in a rough draft it is important to know that stopping is an absolute no-no. Errors are fine, because a rough draft isn’t necessarily supposed to be well thought out.

Proceed to write your final copy. This is by far the most important step in the process. I would probably, before ever starting, edit my rough draft as much as I can. This way you won’t have as much to fix while typing and you will have an easier time editing at the end of the final copy. The final copy does not have to mirror your rough draft, mine never does, but try to stay on base.

Once finished with your final copy it is always important to proofread. There is 10 steps to this process and they all begin a with a p and end with a d. Proofreading is all about punctuation. The most common error in any final copy will be a misplaced punctuation mark.

If you do not enjoy article writing, I would recommend not doing it. Article writing is hard enough, so if you don’t enjoy it—you make it even harder.


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  1. Russ H said

    Just stopped by to take a look. Good info and great Blog.. Thanks!

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