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Obama Is Running On Ice With Scissors

Posted by mudac on May 31, 2008

I don’t know whether you have seen the news lately or not, but in any event–Obama is stumbling repeatedly and he has scissors in his hands. The Obama campaign is one big rollercoaster, and any momentum shift, up until this point, has either helped him a lot of hurt him a lot. This is why Obama is running with scissors on ice.

Whenever you run on ice you normally slip and slide and stumble your way around. Well, up until now–the Obama campaign has been doing just that. Running on ice can either really pay off (if you get to your destination quickly) or it can hurt you (by falling). In this primary season there has been several occassions where the Obama campaign has fallen off. There has also been several times when the Obama campaign has been on a high.

What I am getting at here is, when does the last domino fall? You can only fall so many times, and when the falls are all self inflicted wounds–it begins to hurt. Obama’s self inflicted wounds in this case are the scissors (which represent change, Wright, Ayers, Davis, Rezko, Pfleger, and whoever else. Eventually the Obama camp will land on these scissors, and when they do–their campaign will be over.


2 Responses to “Obama Is Running On Ice With Scissors”

  1. mudac said

    I loved writing this article. Just based off of the title.

  2. […] to hurt. Obama??s self inflicted wounds in this case are the scissors which represent change, Wri &amp McCain Respond to Obama&39s Father Michael Pfleger …Clinton &amp McCain Respond to […]

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