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Democratic Drop-Outs

Posted by mudac on June 2, 2008

Anyone else notice the hostility? I certainly do. Maybe the Democratic National Committee is blind. The Democrats who voted for Hillary are not going to vote for Obama. Well, let me restate that, the people who claimed to be Democrats while voting for Hillary will not vote for Obama. I, being one of those Clinton supporters, can personally say that I have always classified myself as an independent. Most of the people who voted for Hillary are also independents. Not only do most Clinton supporters not like Obama, most of them came from across the isle in order to vote for her. She is what I like to call “the middle man”.

A new party, at this point, is almost impossible. The reason I say almost is this–let us assume Hillary leaves the Democratic party after the credentials meeting. Just go along with it. So Hillary has left the party, and she intends to start her own party. Well, even if it is the day after the credentials committee meets she has very little time to get herself recognized as a candidate. It takes time to garner enough support and most people won’t even realize she is on the ballot. Unless they follow the news like me. So unfortunately, even though I want a bi-partisan party, it will not happen. Hillary will fall in line and come 2012 take a final stab at what little chance she has remaining. Even though, the way she has been treated, the DNC does not deserve her. With all of the sexism and biased points of view. It is no wonder the Republicans are already calling the general in their favor.

So, the final verdict is–Hillary will not drop from the party like Lieberman(who, oh yeah by the way, dropped out for the same reasons). So expect 4 more years of Bush, which in my most humble opinion, is better than Obama. I rather see the country torn to shreads than see it become a communist one.


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