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Whitey Tapes Origin Revealed

Posted by mudac on June 4, 2008



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Hillbuzz today cracked the code on the “whitey” video. To you non believers, the proof is in the pudding. The people have spoken, and it is time to take recognition.

Hillbuzz released the “prelude” to the video today, I know you Nascar fans are out there. So that will be our word of the day. So do tune in to payperview tonight and watch “prelude to the dream” at El Dora. It is a great event and all of the funds raised will got to charity. As a side not, prelude to the dream has nothing to do with the vide, I was just throwing in an advert for charity. It promises to be a great race, and it really doesn’t cost much.

Anyways, we still have not seen the video–but it is clear it exists if Hillbuzz’s transcript holds true. I believe-though- that this video will surely end the Obama campaign. The Obamabots are already on damage control and are more nervous than ever. Since we have seen what is expected to be seen, per say, then we can safely assume that if the video does exist–it will be released in the coming days. In fact, many sources say that today is the day.

Where will you go this time Obama? Are you going to disown your own wife? Just like you did to many others. You are a disgrace for a candidate and America deserves better. I hope you are ashamed of yourself, because it will get worse–I personally will see to it.

I am simply spreading the word for Hillbuzz, please click their link to see the transcript. I do not want any part in this. Partly due to my own safety, partly due to reputation if it falls through. So as of now, I can not validate the comments made there.


One Response to “Whitey Tapes Origin Revealed”

  1. Amazed said

    So you haven’t actually seen or heard the video, but Mr. Obama should be ashamed of himself? Are you insane? You’re attributing things to him and/or his wife with zero proof of their existence, and then going on to bash him/her for it.

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